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VSiN PrimeTimeNFL2022-11-25Do an autopsy on a teams' boxscores and avoid putting too much stock into a teams straight up record. Gather all the information on who they've played, how they played against their opposition, and how they size up against the next team on deck
VSiN PrimeTimeCFB2022-11-25When betting college football totals, consider the average amount of plays each offense runs per game
VSiN PrimeTimeCBB2022-11-25There's potential value in playing the under when playing college basketball in-game totals when you have non-conference matchups where both teams are playing conservative and at a slow pace of play
Sat Bet PrepNFL/CFB2022-11-25When handicapping the weather, make sure to check the wind, more so than the precipitation as this will affect field goals and teams that air the ball out alot.
Sat Bet PrepCFB2022-11-25If you don't get the target number for a handicap don't take a bad number. Try to shop around or find a better number on another game.
Follow the MoneyCFB2022-11-25Always factor off the field distractions into your handicap, like Ole Miss who was favored last night and lost outrigh
Follow the MoneyNFL2022-11-25Don't just take the most convenient number. You have to shop for the best number. Books vary game to game
The Lombardi LineNFL2022-11-25Washington vs Atlanta: Road team is 5-0 ATS in their last 5 meetings. Look to play the Falcons if you like this trend.
The Lombardi LineNFL2022-11-25Cincinnati vs Tennessee: If you're interested in backing the Cincinnati, the Bengals are 4-0 ATS in their last 4 meetings in Tennessee.
Sun Bet PrepALL2022-11-26Hold yourself accountable for your bets. Don't blindly follow the advice of others and blame someone else if a bet loses.
Sun Bet PrepALL2022-11-26Use live betting to hedge your position on a game if you sense weakness in your pregame play.
Sun Bet PrepALL2022-11-26Believe your own eyes and numbers and dont get influenced by media hype.
The Lombardi LineCFB2022-11-26ND vs USC: The Fighting Irish have not faired well in SoCal. Notre Dame is 2-7 ATS in their last 9 meetings in Southern California.
The Lombardi LineNFL2022-11-26BAL vs JAX: Home team is 8-2-1 ATS in their last 11 meetings.
Live Bet SaturdayALL2022-11-26If a pregame spread is hovering around a key number, consider waiting for an opportunity to bet in-game once the spread has crossed the number.
Live Bet SaturdayALL2022-11-26Compare a team's turnover differential with other defensive stats. Are they really a good defense or are they just benefiting from turnover luck?
Live Bet SaturdayCFB2022-11-26Oregon State is 9-2 ATS this season, including 5-0 ATS at home - the highest home cover precentage in the NCAA. The Beavers have been undervalued in the betting market all season.
Live Bet SaturdayCFB2022-11-26Just because a team needs to win to be bowl eligible doesn't mean they will, and certainly doesn't mean you have to bet them to cover. Teams trying to become bowl eligible are usually in that position for a reason. Must win doesn't mean must bet
Live Bet SaturdayCFB2022-11-26Know what each QB on the team is worth to the spread, because the market adjusts to QB changes and if you know how much a QB is worth, you can find value on the betting market
Live Bet SaturdayCFB2022-11-26Take notice when you have a team that has been a consistent favorite and easily covering. For example, Penn State looks like they clicking on another level since their loss to Ohio State, covering spreads of 10-pts or more their last three games, currently handling Michigan State
Pro Football BlitzNFL2022-11-26With games with so many factors like the Bears and Jets this week with injuries and new starting QB's its sometimes better to stay away from these types of games.
Pro Football BlitzNFL2022-11-26For some games where you have a feeling a team is going to score points, but not cover a very large spread like the Chiefs -15.5 look to the total to bet espcially if it is lopsided to where one team will score and the other won't.
The Contest ShowNFL2022-11-26When playing in the contest, stay confident in your abilities and don't let the outside noise influence your decision making
Brent's Countdown to KickoffNFL2022-11-27SF at NOLA: Road team is 5-1 ATS in their last 6 meetings.
The Lombardi LineNFL2022-11-27WSH at ATL: Road team is 5-0 ATS in their last 5 meetings.
The Lombardi LineNFL2022-11-27GB at PHI: Under is 5-0 in the last 5 meetings in Philadelphia.
The Greg Peterson ExperienceALL2022-11-27Do not go on tilt if you take a bad beat or two, because that's when you can really do damage to your bankroll.
The Greg Peterson ExperienceALL2022-11-27Don't be afraid to use new data and don't let outside forces like news of the player and his past (Watson) influence your handicapping of the game like the Browns -7 against the Texans.
Pro Football BlitzNFL2022-11-27When your looking to tease games, sometimes you have to tease through key numbers, but try to pick these spots sparingly as overtime this will give you less value over time.
Live Bet SundayNFL2022-11-27Davante Adams has 40 targets over the last three games. The Raiders seem to be force-feeding him the ball, consider betting OVER on his player props vs the Seahawks.
Live Bet SundayNFL2022-11-27You can find value on the in-game market if you think a team is going to reverse its first half bad luck. For example, teams that struggled capitalizing on red zone opportunities in the first half can make adjustments and get into the end zone in the second half
Live Bet SundayNFL2022-11-27During a blowout, keep in mind the winning teams next game and whether or not they're pulling their starters. There can be potential value on buying in on the losing teams in-game line with the thought that the winning team will pump the breaks
Live Bet SundayNFL2022-11-27If you're getting involved in the futures market, look back at a teams body of work. Consider their wins and losses, because they're not all equal and can be a projection on how a team may do when the playoffs come around
Live Bet SundayNFL2022-11-27Quick scores at the beginning of the game and at the beginning of the half can inflate the in-game lines off of their true value. Those plays tend to be scripted which is why teams have success early, while defenses make in-game adjustments
Live Bet SundayNFL2022-11-27Unless you really feel you need to get out of a bet, you don't have to attempt to hedge when the game isn't going as you predicted. Hedging is just raises the floor, but lowers the ceiling on you original investment. Unless you're confident that you're you're going to win your hedge, sometimes it's best to ride out the original bet
College Lines RevealedCFB2022-11-27ATS record is a great indicator as to if the market overvalues or undervalues a team, especially late in the season. Consider betting on teams with a strong ATS record if you believe the betting market has not properly adjusted.
Follow the MoneyALL2022-11-28Even the best reporters can get it wrong. Manage your bankroll responsibly when reacting to breaking news